Can adults use baby wet wipes to wipe their butts?

Yes, adults can use baby wipes to clean their bums. We have found the cottonelle flushable wipes to be the best suit  for this since they are biodegradable thus disintegrating once you flush, they are also cottony soft, do a good cleaning job and cause no skin irritations

Is it Good for adults to use baby wipes to wipe their butts?

I always get asked this question by so many people that I have now finally decided to create a blog post about it and answer it to all those people who have been wondering what is the right answer from a caregiving point of view. Without wasting time the question is ‘can adults use baby wet wipes to wipe their bums after a number 2 at the toilet?” And the simple answer is yes but they need to make sure that they are flushable.

We by now all know how good wet wipes are in cleaning up fecal material. Maybe your kid messed up on themselves while you are travelling and the good wipes when used left the kid flesh and clean. But when you want to clean yourself, there is only hard, dry toilet paper and this leaves you wondering whether cleaning yourself up with it is really effective.

I think this thought is what made some guys come up with what is today popularly known as dudes wet wipes.

In answering the question whether adults can use baby wet wipes, I will look at the pros and cons of baby wet wipes

Why not use it

Smallbaby wipes are just meant for that; wiping the baby. so they come in small sizes and if an adult uses them to wipe their butt, they might end up having brown hands after touching their own shit which is something that you really do not want, do you?

Scented-– Unfortunately, most of the baby wipes are scented and most adults do not wipes that have an overpowering fragrance so they will frown over the whole idea of using these type of wipes.

Most of the baby wipes are not flushable. Yes, most of the baby wet wipes are not designed to be flushed down the toilet but that is what you want when you use them as an adult. But why the hassle of buying baby wipes when there are adult ones. You would have to get a flushable one biodegradable that will not block the toilet.

Why use it

Alcohol free— The good thing with baby wipes are alcohol free. They are designed in that way so that they do not cause an irritation on the baby’s soft and tender skins. This is a plus even for adults since you do not want some wipe that will irritate your bum skin.

Leaves you clean and flesh–Unlike toilet paper, all wipes leave you with a clean and flesh feeling.

Alternative to baby wet wipes

Having pointed out the pros and cons of baby wet wipes, we have seen the importance of general wipes on your bum but also seen why an adult should desist from baby wipes.

Fortunately, there are wipes just designed for adults to use. I have for example used the cottonelle flushable wipes and found them to be great for your butt as well as effective in leaving you with a clean, flesh feeling throughout the day. In the table below are other wipes that adults can use:

Best Flushable Wipes of 2021: Wiping To Feel Fresh and Clean

Our experts looked at the best flushable wipes in 2021 comparing how effective they were, the number of wipes per pack, the design of the pack as well as how safe they are on your skin.
Adult Wipe ImageFlushable Wipe NameSeptic Safe
charmin best flushable wipesCharmin Moist WipesYesYesBuy on Amazon
cottonelle truly flushable wipesCottonelle Flushable wipeYesNoBuy on Amazon
dude wet wipesDude Wet WipesYesNo Buy on Amazon
scott flushable wipesScott Flushable WipeYesNoBuy on Amazon
stallmates biodegradable wipesStallmate WipesYesNoBuy on Amazon

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Other than wet wipes, adults can also use family cloths for cleaning out their poop. The family cloths are 100% cotton and thus gentle on your skin. What you do is that you use it alongside with some water or other moisturizing agent to wet it and then you can wipe away the poop from your body. Once you are done, you throw the dirty washcloth into a laundry hamper so that you can wash it later in the day. The family cloth gives you a clean wipe off your poop.You should however be careful to wash it with clean water as well as strong disinfectants so as to kill all the pathogens in the poop.

Can adults use baby wet wipes