SP Ableware Self-Wipe Bathroom Toileting Aid

Reviewing the SP Ableware Self-Wipe  Toilet Aid

Sp Ableware self wipe toilet aid

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Owing to the number of handicapped, obese and elderly patients that I see at my place of work, I am constantly being asked to review one butt wiping aid after another. And who am I not to review them. So, you will always see me go through the pros and cons of one butt wiper after the other. Today, I want to look at the SP Ableware self-wipe bathroom toilet aid.

As one of the top selling products, I was keen to check through what other amazon customers had to say about it and I was somehow convinced that it was a good product looking at its reviews. But you never know with these things until you try them out. So I went ahead and bought these self-wipe toilet aid and asked one of my bariatric patients to use it. I would then ask them how they found it.

Truth be told, the appearance of the SP Ableware self wipe bathroom toileting aid looks scary. One would be forgiven for having ditched thoughts of buying it when they look at the pictures of the product on Amazon. You do not want such a thing protruding into your butt. It looks like it would cause irritation and discomfort. But being the caregiver I am, I know that first impressions can always deceive, I still went on and bought it.

What we loved about the Sp Ableware self wipe bathroom toilet aid

  • My bariatric patient said that it was comfortable and easy to use with a self-release button to hold as well as let go tissue paper and adult wet wipes
  • The smooth round design was very nice and was gentle on the patient’s butt.
  • Made of sturdy and durable plastic.

What we did not like about the product

  • Amazon pictures are rather scary and this could put off potential buyers
  • Rather premium priced as compared to other less expensive products such as the toilet paper tongs or the  juvo
  • Can only be use to wipe the butt unlike the freedom wand which can be used for other purposes.

self wipe toilet aid

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