5 Reasons Why You Need the Lifevv sitz Bath

Slightly smaller than the soothic sitz bath, the lifevv sitz bath measures 15.47″ x 14.56″ x 5.31″. This however is still large enough for even obese people to use and feel comfortable about.

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The one thing that I love about the lifevv sitz bath is the cool sky blue color plus how deep it is so that water will cover your perineum very well and you will be awed by the soothing cool feeling of the water mixed with epsom salt as it cools you off from the hemorrhoidal pains as well as scars that you might be feeling postpartum.

Designed to fit your elongated or even standard toilet, the lifevv can also be used by people on the commode.

What we Loved about the Lifevv sitz bath

  • Soothes you of all hemorrhoid pains as well as itches that you might be feeling after an episiotomy
  • It is easily designed for cleaning and squatting on
  • Made of high quality and durable plastic
  • Can be used with all forms of soothers whether you have epsom salt, witch hazel or aloe vera.
  • Cheaper than the soothic sitz bath so you will be saving a few bucks

What we did not like about the Lifevv sitz bath

  • There were complaints by customers on Amazon that they did not have everything shipped to them as advertised on the ecommerce store.
  • Some customers said that they were too big to fit onto the lifevv bath.

lifevv sitz bath review