How long do hemorrhoids last

Someone on Pinterest commented on one of my pins asking how soon they should be seeing their external hemorrhoids shrinking away. Rather than answer that question on Pinterest and leave other people curious to know the answer, I have decided that I will answer it here on this blog post.

How long does it take for a hemorrhoid to shrink?

To be honest there is no definite answer for this question on how long does it take for a hemorrhoid to shrink. This is because while some hemorrhoids will last for a few days and then go, there are those that will last for long. If that is the case with the hemorrhoids that you have, then you need to visit a doctor so that they can advise you accordingly.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids to Make them Shrink Fast

Alternatively, you could try a few home remedies that have been proven to always work with great results.

  • Relieve yourself of the pain with a sitz bath.

A sitz bath is nothing but a warm bath taken on the perineum to soothe it from hemorrhoids or postpartum pain. A sitz bath has been found to make hemorrhoids shrink away faster and to relieve the pain that you feel.

faqs about the sitz bath

It is recommended that you take your sitz bath early in the morning after you have just woken up and late in the evening just before you go to bed. A sitz bath need not take long. You only sit for 15 minutes and voila, you will be feeling more relieved and soothed as you rise from that sitz bath basin.

For a good sitz bath, the water you are using need to be warm. Warm not hot lest you scald you back. You can test its warmth using the back of your arm.

For best results, you could also use different soaks. I have seen in most forums people being advised to use some Epsom salt soak or any other soak that will give good results such as witch hazel, aloe vera and lavender. Before using these soaks though, you need to have it approved by your doctor.

  • Do not sit on a chair for too long as it might cause it to deteriorate.

People who work on their computers and have to sit will find that this kind of lifestyle may be making their hemorrhoids stay for longer before they are relieved of them. Why? Because as you sit, you are exerting lot of pressure on your hemorrhoids and so it gets more protruded.

donut cushion for hemorrhoids

You can also check our best sitting positions when you have hemorrhoids here.

  • Eat lots of fibers in your food.

Foods rich in fiber and cellulose have been found to be great in relieving you of constipation and struggles that you would have undergone trying to push down a problematic bowel. If you were taking wheat and lots of processed carbs, it is high time that you stopped that because bowel movement becomes hard and as you struggle to push it, you will feel more pain on your piles.

It is also advisable that you take sufficient amounts of water to allow for easy bowel movements.

  • Use hemorrhoid creams

There are some hemorrhoid creams that you can buy from your local pharmacist or get from online stores. Before buying any creams though, you are advised to consult your doctor so that they can check the ingredients and assess whether your skin is going to be allergic to the creams.

  • Exercise regularly

You need to desist from leading a sedentary lifestyle since this is what is probably causing all the problems that you are having.

  • Get a comfy chair and squat at the toilet rather than sitting

There are some nice comfortable cushions seats that are great when you have hemorrhoids since they cushion you away from pain. Maybe it is high time that you invested in such. At the same time, you could also think squatting rather than sitting on the toilet seat so that your hemorrhoids can heal faster.