Christmas Gift Ideas for people with hemorrhoids

When you have hemorrhoids enjoying the Christmas holiday might not be so easy for you. For one you will not be able to sit long hours with family as you take the dinner. At the same time you will be choosy about what you eat and so you will not be caught binge eating processed foods that are low in fibres as this is going to create a big problem when you want to empty your bowels. Now what gifts could one get you that you are going to appreciate? Well, we are going to look right into that.

  • Hemorrhoid creams

All gifts that someone with hemorrhoid will appreciate is something that revolves around home treatment of the piles. And what could be better than creams that are going to soothe the piles as well as have them shrink away. Before buying the hemorrhoid creams though, you need to consult the doctor so that the creams will not cause any allergies on the patient.

  • Sitz baths

A sitz bath is nothing but a warm bath taken on the perineal area. It soothes your bum and piles helping them to shrink away faster. For best results, you should be taking a sitz bath at least twice a day; once when you wake up and just before you go to bed. It should take at most 15 minutes sitting on that basin and allowing your body get soothed.

As a Christmas gift, you could get your patient with hemorrhoids a soothic sitz bath. What I like about the soothic is that it can support just anybody whether you are plus sized or small. The basin is also durable and will serve you for a long time. You can place the soothic sitz bath on both the standard round or elongated toilet seat.

  • Donut cushions

A big challenge that people with hemorrhoids face is sitting. There is no right way to sit as you are going to experience lots of pain especially if your hemorrhoids are external. Again sitting for long could have the hemorrhoids elongate and protrude more to the outside which is not something that you want, right?

To avoid all these complications we recommend that you find a good comfy donut cushion for hemorrhoids. What the donut cushion does is that just like the donut, it has a hollow center where your perineum is going to have space to be suspended as the solid part holds your legs and thighs.

We recommend the kieba donut cushion as the best for you. Maybe you can give it a try and tell us how you found it.

  • Sitz bath shorts

Other than using the traditional sitz bath basins, there are some people using some cool looking sitz bath shorts which is still doing the part of soothing up their piles. With the sitz bath shorts you do not have to be on a sitting position to be relieved off your pile pain. No, you could be up standing. 

The short has space to hold up your warm water so that you will feel awesome wearing it and get relieved off your hemorrhoids.

  • Sitz bath soaks

As you welcome sitz baths into your life to relieve hemorrhoids, you will hear of salts that can make the soothing faster and more effective. Well, there are different soothing soaks such as the Epsom salt, lavender oil, aloe vera and witch hazel.

Before buying, kindly do ask your doctor so that they can advise on one that is not going to cause more skin problems on your perineum area.