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Big john 6-w oversized toilet seat with cover

When you are obese, you face a lot of discrimination. Every place you go to, you will find that things are suited for thin or average people. There seems to be nothing for your physique or body weight. And this is the awkward situation that one of our patients found himself in when he came to stay at our elderly home and we then did not have the big john 6-w oversized toilet seat with cover.

big john 6-w oversized toilet seat with cover


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Other than adjusting his meal sizes, we never thought that he might need any other adjustments. We have large hospital beds and therefore he could fit in there perfectly. How wrong we were!

We soon found out that we had to make some toilet adjustments. For one, he could not wipe himself with toilet paper like other patients. He had to use some extension tool and so we found ourself getting a bottom buddy to help him out. At the same time, he broke our standard toilet seat and this is when shit hit the fan.

It happened this way. For sometimes after he came, we found that the toilet seat was a bit wiggly and dismissed this arguing that maybe this had been happening for sometimes without our notice. So we asked our maintenance guy to look into it and he did so promptly.

And then he broke the toilet seat. That is when we knew that hell had broken loose. We had to do something.

So as we tried to ask who could have broken the toilet seat, the big man volunteered the information. In absolute embarrassment, he owned up to the crime. He had just gone to relieve himself when he heard the seat cracking into two.

Since he was crest-fallen, there was nothing that we could do other than console him. We then went on to look for the best toilet seat for heavy people and this is when we stumbled on the big john 6-w oversized toile seat with cover.

The big johh 6-w toilet seat can support people upto a weight limit of 800 pounds. It is 19 inches wide on the sitting area so that even the morbidly obese people can sit comfortably without a feel that they are straining. It is about 2 inches higher than normal toilet seats and therefore is an ideal seat for people who had back surgery or hip replacement and are looking for raised toilet seats.

The big john 6-w will fit into any toilet design, whether oblong or standard sized. It features strong plastic hinges that will not wiggle when you are using it. The oversized bumpers also hold the toilet porcelain without letting go so that you do not feel uncomfortable while using it.

What we loved about the big john 6-w oversized toilet seat

  • Very comfortable for the morbidly obese man. He said that it was very ergonomic and he could do his washroom business with ease.
  • Large toilet sitting space measuring 19 inches from back to front and on the sides
  • It is raised about 2.2 inches so good for people with back problems and those who have undergone hip replacement
  • Sturdy plastic hinges that you will never need to replace
  • Can support a weight limit of upto 800lbs.
  • Bumpers hold strongly on the porcelain without any wiggling activity.

What we did not like about the big john 6-w toilet seat

  • Rather odd sized and it made our toilet look so different
  • Premiumly priced especially in our case where we were used to the normal standard toilet prices.