Magna Click Shirt for men: Review 2019

We have already talked about the Tommy Hilfiger, Magnaready and Silvert’s shirts with magnetic buttons for men and pointed out that they all are made of 100% cotton. Today, we look at Magna click dress shirts that are made of both cotton and polyester. We will look at their pros and cons. whom they are for as well as whether a good buy for your money. So here we go.

The Magna click dress shirt for men just like Tommy Hilfiger, Magnaready and Silvert’s are all suited for people with low dexterity such as people with Parkinson’s tremors, Rheumatoid arthritis, stroke and ALS. They are fitted with magnetic buttons on the same place where you would have normal buttons and therefore a person with limited mobility or use of the hands would still be able to dress easily without having to ask their caregiver for help.

What we loved about the Magna click shirts

  • It is machine washable and you need not worry of the magnets being affected by the wash.
  • Great for people with limited dexterity caused by Parkinson’s tremors, arthritis or stroke
  • Easy wear and quick since you need not worry about buttoning up anymore.
  • Would be great even for kids who have trouble aligning the normal buttons on the shirt.
  • Quite affordable as compared to other adaptive shirts such as the magnaready or Tommy Hilfifger and Silvert’s


Testimonials from customers who bought the magna click shirt

My husband loves the magna click shirts, he has large hands and buttoning shirts is such a pain – now he is just clicks and ready to go. They have been laundered several times with great success
Excellent. Good quality. Perfect fit. I can’t button “regular” shirt buttons but these are a snap. I love them. Now if they would only make them in Flannel shirts! Caution: When washing it is wise to close all the “buttons”. If unbuttoned the magnets are likely to find other shirts in the washing machine and end up with a tangled mess. I have found that if all shirts are “buttoned” they do not tangle together.
Ron White

What we did not like about the magna click shirts

The magnet on the cuffs are quite weak and they will loosen up even when you do not want them to.

Wrap up on the Magna click shirt

The Magna click dress shirt is a good fit for people with limited dexterity and are on a low budget. However, I did not like the cuff buttons which are quite weak as compared to the other shirts with magnetic buttons. With money, I would surely not touch it but would rather go for the magnaready. On a low budget though, I would advise you to consider it.