MagnaReady Buttonless Dress Shirt For Women: Review 2019

I am writing this post after we received a woman ailing from Parkinson’s disease and it has reached that stage where her tremors are so much that she is unable to eat with ease or even dress herself without the help of a caregiver. She is the conservative type of lady and one of her wishes was that we get a solution for her to dress up without having to rely on others to do so. Of course because of the extreme tremors, using a dressing stick would be of no help and so we have decided to get her a Magnaready buttonless dress shirt which we shall review closely in this post.

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Who is the Magnaready magnetic dress shirt for?

The Magnaready dress shirt is a great fit for women who are having limited dexterity caused by disabilities such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, stroke, ALS, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis or fractured arms and have trouble fumbling with the normal buttons and would therefore require shirts with magnetic fittings instead.

What we loved about it

  • Dressing up has become a hassle free activity for the woman since she is able to dress up with ease and quickly.
  • The shirt was big enough on the shoulders and would even seem over-sized but this was good for the lady to wear it quickly
  • No more buttoning up
  • The dress shirt is 100% cotton thus warm and breathable
  • Wrinkle free even after washing.

What we did not like about it

Quite pricey

Testimonials from people who have bought the buttonless dress shirt

Here are reviews that we got from other customers who bought the shirt at Amazon.

Excellent. Good quality. Perfect fit. I can’t button “regular” shirt buttons but these are a snap. I love them.
Ron W
They really got the strength right on the magnets – they do not pull apart in normal wear but are easy to separate when you want to.
Anna Young

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Wrap up on the Magnaready buttonless shirt

The magnaready buttonless dress shirt will be great additions to this lady’s adaptive clothing. One thing that I like about them is that she will not have to feel dependent on caregivers for helping dress her up. At the same time she will not have to struggle fumbling with the buttons. The magnetic buttons have her sorted out. So, in short, she will be able to dress herself up and withhold her dignity even despite the tremors.

If you are looking for shirts with magnetic closures for women with Parkinson’s, arthritis, stroke, ALS or any other hand disabilities, then the Magnaready buttonless shirt is what you are looking for. If you are however unable to afford it, you could think of buying the magnetic buttons and sewing them on your old shirts and it will still serve the purpose.