Magnetic Buttons For All Your Needs: Clothes, Purses, Crafts and Handbags

If you are looking for the best set of magnetic buttons for your shirt, jacket, purse, scarf, trouser or bag, then look no further from the balabala magnetic buttons for limited dexterity. They are simple to attach, strong enough to clasp onto each other but again not too strong to tear your cloth fabric.

Best Magnetic Buttons for Clothes, crafts and Whiteboards Compared

I have already written this article about magnetic buttons for shirts and owing to the popularity of the content as well as your request that I review general magnetic buttons that can be fit into trousers, sweaters, shirts as well as handbags, today I want to review some of the best magnetic buttons that you will find at Amazon online stores.

The buttons are great for people with dexterity and would like a simple way in which they can fasten their clothes and handbags without having to fumble or fidget with normal buttons. Velcro closures can also be a great alternative although the material is not as strong as magnets. Magnetic buttons are popular with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, stroke, arthritis or any other complication that might result in poor hand dexterity.

What to look out for when buying magnetic buttons

Strength of the magnet

Though you want to buy a pack of strong magnets that will hold, you do not want them to be too strong if the person is having dexterity issues. Say for example that you are buying the magnets to be fit into a kid’s jacket and they are very strong such that flipping open the jacket is a tall order for the kid, they will be frustrated and every time they want to remove it, they will come crying for you to help. You really do not want this, do you?

Strength of the cloth material

The cloth material needs to be strong enough so as not to get shredded as you try to flip it open. I have seen a good number of complaints by customers on Amazon who feel that they should not have fitted their closures on weak material clothes since they got torn immediately they tried to open them.


The buttons that I will be reviewing are all machine washable and will not cause any mishaps on your laundry machine. For those people who do hand washing though, I would advise them to be extra careful lest they are too careless with the buttons and end up getting hurt as they wash them with their hands.

Ease of attachment

You want adhesive magnetic buttons that are easy to attach. I understand that not all of my readers are gifted in sewing. In fact most of you do not have sewing machines and even those that have access to them do not really know how to sew buttons on their clothes. Therefore, I will only be reviewing those buttons that are easy to attach since all you will need is fix the prongs on the clothes and there you have it; your magnetic closures! You could as well sew the buttons by hands without having to use a sewing machine.


Other than attaching on clothes, there are those people who want magnetic buttons for their school crafts as well as for attaching on whiteboards. For your clothes, you will need a button with prongs that can easily be attached to your scarves, pants or shirts. If you are buying it for your arts and crafts project, then you will be looking for buttons with adhesive backing to hold onto your walls or fridge. For whiteboard presentations, you will be looking for lightweight magnets that are multi-colored to enhance your presentations.

Having looked at those factors, let’s dig in into our list of the best magnetic buttons for your clothes, scarves, pants and handbags:

TopLuck 6 Magnetic Clasp Snaps

TopLuck 6 magnetic buttons for people with dexterity issues

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With these 6 magnetic clasp snaps, no tool is needed to sew them to your dress, shirt, trouser, purse or handbag since they come with prongs that you easily attach to the fabric and voila, you just got magnetic closures.

They are however very strong and I would not recommend that you use them on kids’ clothes or any fabric that is weak since it might shred into pieces as you try to open it.

TopLuck magnetic clasps are a good fit for people with mild dexterity problems but for people with high dexterity complications, then it might not be a good fit owing to the strength of the magnets.

They are machine washable and very durable.

The downside that I found with the TopLuck magnets was that they were few. Only six so you can only fit them on one shirt if that is what you needed them for. Other brands are offering way more sets at almost the same price.

Mmei 50 sets Magnetic Button Clasps

magnetic buttons for arthritis

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After being disappointed by TopLuck for their few sets of buttons, I next went to Mmei which was offering 50 sets. This was a great buy owing to the fact that I needed as many clasps as possible for my patients at the caregiver centre who all had various dexterity problems.

The magnets were large enough measuring approximately 18mm which is big enough to attach on your clothes and they will still be conspicuous. Coming in silver color, they were great to look at and would be decorative on the patients’ shirts and clothes.

Rich Boxer 20 Sets of Magnetic Clasps

Rich boxer magnetic buttons

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One thing that attracted me to the RichBoxer clasps was the different hues of color: silver, bronze and white which would look awesome on the patients’ clothes. They also come as 20 sets which would fit roughly 3 shirts or 3 dresses. They also use prongs for attachment which saves you from the trouble of sewing.

Adhesive Magnetic Buttons for Crafts

Other than attaching on clothes, school kids would love to use adhesive magnetic buttons for their crafts as well as attaching on their whiteboards in a seamless way. Well, we still got them covered because there are some very good magnets for that.

Flexible Magnets 3/4″ Round Disc with Adhesive Backing – 60 Pcs

adhesive magnetic buttons for crafts

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These flexible magnets have adhesive backing so that kids can use them to hang their photos on walls as well as for their class arts and crafts projects.


  • Each magnet measures 3/4″ in diameter and is 1/16 inches thick
  • A package of the flexible magnets contain 60 pieces
  • Easy to stick as all you need to do is remove the adhesive backing and stick on wall or fridge. The magnetic end will hold your metallic object.

Saim Magnetic Button Round Presentation Whiteboard 24 Pcs

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The multi-colored round Saim magnetic buttons are ideal for your whiteboard when you want to impress people with a presentation where the colored magnets can be used as bullets in a list, to mark directions or to mark out reminders.


  • Lightweight buttons with a net weight of 120 grams
  • Each button has a diameter of 0.6″and 0.5″ thickness