Sammons Preston Toilet Paper Tongs

Out of all the toilet wiping aids for people with limited mobility that I have reviewed, the toilet paper tongs are the least that I would recommend. But why? Well, one thing about the Sammons Preston toilet paper tongs that I found out is that no patient would feel easy using them when they first see them. They look intrusive and one feels that they would poke into their butt and end up hurting them. But interestingly, the toilet paper tongs are effective and will hold your toilet paper or adult wet wipes making it easy for obese people, injured people or those with short arms to wipe with ease.

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At the same time, I found that they were quite brittle and many customers on amazon complained that they broke after some short usage. I do not know whether it is because these users were novices in using them or maybe it is that the quality of the product is substandard but anyway, this made me raise an eyebrow about the tongs and so far, I am yet to but any of the advertised tongs. I would rather stick with freedom wand which I have reviewed here, bottom buddy or the juvo with caddy toilet aid.

My views though should not discourage you from using the tongs since there is still a sizable group of people who loved using them and would buy them again.

So how do you use the Sammons Preston toilet paper tongs

  1. As the word suggests, these are tongs that resemble charcoal tongs only that they are more lightweight and thinner as compared to the charcoal tongs. They function by holding the toilet paper into place and then you can go ahead and wipe your butt. I would advise that you generously roll out excess toilet paper on the tong head so that you do not feel as though you are touching your butt with a hard object.

2. Direct the tong head to your butt and wipe gently using the tissue paper. Once you are done, you use the tong handles to release the used tissue into the toilet bowl and flush.

3. You can then go ahead to clean the tongs and store them for later use.

What I loved about the Sammons Preston toilet paper tongs

1.Though made of metal, they are covered with rubber at the end of the tongs which pick and hold the tissue paper

2.They have a good grip on the toilet paper and you are assured of no brown hands after using this toilet aid

3.Cheap price

4. Extends to 18″ which is a good length for people who need extra length to reach their butts.

What I did not like about the toilet paper tongs

1.You will end up using lots of toilet paper

2.Look intrusive and intimidating

3. Unlike the freedom wand, you cannot using it for bathing, shaving or applying ointment

4. There were complaints that it is not durable

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