Sitz Bath Shorts–When you do not feel Like Sitting

Sitz bath shorts/briefs Can be Worn When seated on basin or just standing

sitz bath shorts

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We have already reviewed the best sitz bath shower chairs selling on amazon. One of the major concerns we got from our readers was that there is that number that do not want to necessarily sit and so they want another solution. Say for example that you have just had a back surgery and so bending or even sitting on the toilet seat is a tall order. Can there be a way that you can still take a sitz bath. Well, yes. With a pair of sitz bath shorts, you will be able to do so.

The sitz bath shorts are designed such that they are able to retain water so that the warm water can soothe you whether you are in a standing position or are seated on your toilet seat. A sitz bath is great when you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal irritation or have just had an injury on your perineum and the doctor has advised that the warm water treatment for 10-15 minutes, 2 times a day would do you good. Post partum mothers who have just had an episiotomy are also advised to take a sitz bath to relieve them off the pain.

People who can use the sitz bath briefs

The sitz bath briefs or shorts are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. Men who have prostatitis, hemorrhoids, epididymitis as well as anal fissures are going to benefit alot from this. Women who have Urinarty tract infections(UTI), hemorrhoids, have just had episiotomy or are just post partum will benefit alot too.

The shorts can be worn while you are standing, taking a shower or even sitting on the sitz bath chair.

Features of the sitz bath shorts

  • Have velcro strap to securely grip on the shorts on your body around your thighs
  • Have elastic band around the waist so that even obese people can use them.
  • Unisex–both men and women can buy and use it
  • No need for bathtub or the plastic sitz bath basin–All you need to do is wear the shorts and pour luke warm water onto them for your sitz bath.

Things to note when wearing the sitz bath shorts

  1. Before pouring the warm water onto the shorts, you need to first check the temperature lest you scald yourself.
  2. The shorts can be worn whether you are seated on the basin or even standing
  3. Do not stand on slippery places since you could slip and fall.
  4. There are not leak-proof and some of the water will be lost when wearing them.

How a sitz bath with shorts helps you

  • Cleanses your wounds–say for example that you have just had a hemorrhoidectomy and you need to keep cleaning that wound. A sitz bath would reach and clean it effectively.
  • Reduces the chances of infection especially when you have wounds from hemorrhoidectomy, episiotomy or prostrate surgery
  • Soothes your skin
  • Increased blood flow to the perineum.

sitz bath shorts for hemorrhoids