Thinking About Your Parkinson’s Patient? Buy them these Products

Adaptive Living Products for Parkinson’s Patients

A Parkinson’s disease diagnosis completely changes the lives of an individual and those surrounding him or her. Below are some adaptive measures to improve the quality of life for patients:

Adaptive Spoons

The never ending tremors for a PD patient can make them loath feeding time. Pouring food all over is an embarrassment for an adult. Getting a Parkinson’s spoon will make it easier for patients to direct food to their mouths.

Non Spill Cups

The transition from being able to easily drink from a cup to finding it a hard task to do the same can be quite traumatizing.  Non spill cups for adults have been designed to reduce spillage, embarrassment and to restore the independence a PD patient once had.

Anxiety blankets

The anxiety experienced by patients in some cases leads to insomnia. An anxiety blanket will enhance comfort and relief anxiety. A weighted anxiety blanket works like a body massage. It provides a hugging and calming effect. The body responds by producing serotonin which produces a sleep inducing hormone melatonin.

Magnetic dress shirts

Dressing becomes a hard task as Parkinson’s progresses. The tremors make it difficult to button or zip shirts and trousers.  In a bid to help her PD husband, one woman came up with magnetic buttons and zippers. The magnets are machine friendly and simply attract each other making dressing easier.

Compression vests for Anxiety

PD patients have a desire to feel wanted and loved. They appreciate hugs but a caregiver cannot hug them the whole day. Compression vests provide a tight squeeze on the person wearing them acting as a source of comfort.