Vive Reacher Grabber

Vive Suction Reacher Grabber: Ideal for Changing Light Bulbs

The first thing that attracted me to the vive reacher grabber was the fact that it would allow me to change light bulbs without having to use stools and ladders. How effective and timely it was since I was having a hard time changing light bulbs when they went off and I need to change them from the low efficient ones I was using to LEDs. So someone at work told me that I should get a reacher grabber tool for handicapped that would simplify the work for me and when I got the vive suction reacher grabber, I never looked back.

vive reacher grabber

The Vive reacher grabber assists people with limited range of motion such as arthritis or physical disability to grab out of reach items with ease. Reacher grabbers which are one form of adaptive tools for people living with various forms of disabilities are sold and available in different styles, including lightweight, folding, and rotating and are indeed perfect pick up tools for elderly whether you want to reach items in low or high places.

Benefits of the Vive suction reacher grabber

Having a vive reacher grabber tool will help you reach hard to reach areas without having to squat, bend or use a stool which could end up being dangerous especially for older people.

Why elderly people should be using the vive reacher grabber tool

  • The tool allows the elderly person to pick things from an upright position without having to strain their back. They also do not have to use stools or hustle for ladders so as to get things from the top shelf.
  • Safe to use. Say for example that an elderly person want to get carrots from the top shelf at the grocery store. If they try to reach out, they might fall over on the shelf itself or even hurt their back.
  • The vive reacher grabber can pick hot objects from the oven without you fearing that it will melt or scald your hands.
  • The vive reacher grabber is Lightweight and so it is easy to use. You will be able to lift heavy objects without realizing their real weight.

Features of the tool

  • Secure rubber suction cup tips that will allow you to pick round objects such as cups or plastic bottles. It can also enable to you change light bulbs without stepping on a stool.
  • Ergonomic trigger and handle with contoured edges that feel like your arm.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Anti-corrosive aluminium make ensure that it is not only lightweight but also durable giving you a true value for your money.