How to Use a Bed Alarm

Bed alarms A bed alarm combines with a bed sensor or bed pad and operates through detecting a reduction of pressure when patients get out of bed. Bed alarms, in essence, will alert the unit when pressure is removed from the sensor. Introduction of bed sensor alarms has made the fall prevention of patients and elderly people … Read more

Sammons preston reacher

One of my most trusted manufacturer  of adaptive tools  for elderly as well as handicapped people is sammons Preston. And so when I was researching on the best reacher grabbers for disabled, I decided to check what they have in stock. Luckily, I found that they have a wide range of items for reaching for … Read more

Vive Reacher Grabber

Vive Suction Reacher Grabber: Ideal for Changing Light Bulbs The first thing that attracted me to the vive reacher grabber was the fact that it would allow me to change light bulbs without having to use stools and ladders. How effective and timely it was since I was having a hard time changing light bulbs … Read more