Parkinson’s Cutlery Australia

Last updated on September 14th, 2021 at 05:51 am

According to a report released by Better Health Channel, over 80,000 people in Australia have Parkinson’s disease. The condition is more rampant in people aged 60 years and above. One of the most disturbing and notable symptoms of the disease is hand tremors.

Parkinson’s patients find meal times difficult to attend since they turn out to be an exhausting task if they try using the normal utensils as the others do. They rarely enjoy having their meals especially in public where all prying eyes are looking at them as they make a mess of themselves. Some rely on using one arm to hold on the other one in order to scoop food and reduce tremors. 

Technology has developed, and now people with Parkinson’s disease in Australia are catered for with helpful and adaptive cutleries they are going to be using easily. 

According to research, weighted utensils are best for people with tremors to make it easier to grasp eating utensils during hand-to-mouth motions and reduce tremors.

Bendable utensils are also a compliment for them to pass food into the mouth without making a mess. 

Best Cutlery Parkinson’s patients with different conditions

  1. Weighted cutlery

These types of utensils are best for patients with tremors and weak grasps.They are made with up to 1.5 inches of wide built up rubber handles and 4 inches long.

  1. Stabilizing utensils

A spoons or fork with the stabilizing technology  are able to rotate up to 360 degrees to prevent spillage of food even when the user holds it on a different angle.

  1. Angled cutlery

The head of the utensil is angled for those whose wrist movements are limited, this helps reduce the range of motion needed to have their meal independently.

  1. Bendable cutlery

Some forks and spoons are meant to be bendable to minimize the requirements of wrists and arm movements.

  1. Built up handles

These are mostly needed by those with arthritic fingers or low grasping ability to assist in self feeding. The handles are used in the palace of the actual handles.

  1. Weighted and two handle mugs

Mugs with weighted bases and two large handles to accommodate an adult’s fingers are meant to assist in safe, independent and easier drinking. An additional lid is also helpful to avoid spillage.

  1. Weighted cutlery Australia

When all the dining utensils are weighted, they help improve grasp as you are feeding. The dining kits also include other dining wares for minimizing the rate of spills and  messes on the table.

  1. Round scooping dish

This type of dish is designed to let the user push food away from the raised side of the plate, it helps scoop food with only one hand.

  1. Food  guard

The food guard is invisible and unique in its own way. It helps minimise food spillage.

  1. Insulated mug with lid

The lid contains a wide easy to grasp handle, the lid regulates flow for safer drinking with no spillage.

Best Parkinson’s Cutlery Products

  1. Gyenno Spoon Australia

This spoon’s first advantage is that it decreases upto 85% of unwanted tremors. It’s sensor has an ability to differentiate between an intentional hand shake and unconscious tremors.

The gyenno spoon has a detector to automatically switch itself on when someone is holding it and off when it’s not in use.It also has a sleeping mode to help reduce the rate of power consumption.

Gyenno spoon is able to keep a record of the owner’s tremors which is then sent to the cloud system to help generate an algorithm to improve the spoon’s cooperation to the user.

 The handle is made up of medical grade material to avoid slipping. The device also comes with a fork attachment to handle other meals like spaghetti and noodles.

The device has a battery which holds 180 minutes before recharging it once again.The good thing is that it has LED light  notification that alerts you about the battery status.

  1. Sammons Preston – 24965 Easy Grip Hand in Mug, International Handle for Drinking without Grasping Cup, Durable Polycarbonate,Assorted Colors, 16 oz.

The user slides their hand through the mug and is able to drink independently without that using that great effort needed to grasp the handle. 

The feature of the rotating lid with a lever allows the owner to open and close easily.

This cup fits well for those with weak hand grip, limited hand motion, poor fine motors skills and cognitive disabilities.

  1. Providence Spillproof Scoop Plate_9”  White

This plate provides an ergonomic design to assist the user in stopping food from spillage with the help of the curved wall.

This is safe for microwave use,it is non latex and also a dishwasher safe. The plate offers an ideal eating solution for a Parkinson’s user to use independently.  

  1. Vive Weighted Utensils Parkinson’s Spoon and fork Set Plus Knife

These cutlery is designed to provide great independence while having a meal since the set reduces tremors due to Parkinson’s disease.

The four piece set contains a table knife, a fork,  a tablespoon and a soup spoon. 

This pack helps reduce spillage,and messes on the table at every meal. The weighted design is to help improve stability for one to grasp food more easily without tremors. 

The set is made from stainless steel and also they are dishwasher safe for cleaning.

  1. Liftware Steady Australia

The steady spoons reduce tremors up to 70%. The built in sensor is able to detect and distinguish unconscious hand tremors from intentional ones. 

The liftware is able to prevent food from  spilling out everywhere. The liftware comes with a charger  which is easy to plug and charge.

The liftware device comes with a travelling bag and a hand strip so you can carry your utensils in the pack easily without them getting dirty and contaminated.

You can purchase everyday spoon,fork and spork attachments separately.

The handle should not be immersed in water, you can just easily clean with antibacterial wipes to kill germs. The spoon or fork are safe even when immersed in water for cleaning.