Best Spoon for Parkinson: Gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork

If you know that you have hand tremors when you are using a spoon or a fork, then the gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork is the thing for you.

Let’s face it. It does feel a little bit shameful for a grown-up to cause a mess while they are having a meal with others. In fact, it can get so bad to the point of having low self-esteem. Forbes gives an accurate picture of how someone with a tremor feels like. 

He loved wonton soup…but he didn’t want any…he then confided… that he was too embarrassed to eat soup in public


Parkinson’s tremors could make one lose interest in attending social places like hotels and family gatherings where all eyes will be on you as you struggle to eat with the tremors thwarting your efforts. But you shouldn’t mind because Gyenno bravo twist  anti tremor spoon fork is there for you. 

Gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork is set to help people whose hands tremors affect their usage of cutlery while eating as it is described by the Assistive Technology Australia. People with Parkinson’s Disease, a tremor or those with difficulty of using cutlery are sorted out by this spoon to eat more easily.It is set to automatically distinguish between a hand tremor and an intentional motion of the hand.

This spoon fork  has an automatic twisting function for spaghetti and noodles.

The gyenno bravo twist  anti tremor spoon fork comes in a pack of a spoon handle, protective cover, head, fork,spoon, charging cable and an anti-drop rope.

Materials used to make the gyenno bravo twist  anti tremor spoon fork are  medical grade silicones and tritan covering. The medical grade silicone is to ensure free clarity, toughness and chemical resistance. The medical grade silicone is to ensure anti-bacteria and a safe eating experience.


  • It has a 360 degrees steadiness solution and gets rid of 85% unwanted tremor from any unintended movement of the hand. 
  • The high speed servo control system is able to give an accurate firmness.
  • It has an  interchangeable spoon and fork attachment.
  • The pack of gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork comes with both a fork and a spoon.
  • It is basically set for people with a hand tremor that ranges within 2.7 inches.
  • It has a built in battery design, it charges for 2.5 hours giving you 180 minutes of usage.
  • It is easily portable since it only weighs 157 grams.
  • It has a carrying case to help you eat in dignity wherever you go.
  • The weight of the spoon is 6.7 grams while the weight of the fork is 5.4 grams.

How the Gyenno spoon works

  • The spoon functions by long pressing the top of the handle for 3 seconds to activate.
  • Tapping the function button automatically makes the spoon rotate 360 degrees to roll noodles or spaghetti.
  • The fork or spoon has a magnetic design that is easy to interchange.
  • When not in use, you should turn it to sleeping mode.
  • The notification light shows the battery status of your Gyenno spoon.
  • After using the spoon for some time, its operating system registers your hand tremor habit in order to improve the functioning of the handle. Gyenno Science notifies that this function is currently available only in Mainland China, it can later be used upon negotiation with the local network operators in other countries.
  • The device automatically turns to sleep mode when placed on the table and turns to active mode automatically when you hold it on your hand. 

How do I know that the gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork works for me?

You will have to go through a test to confirm that for sure the gyenno bravo twist spoon will be of help to you. Don’t not make the mistake of purchasing the spoon only for it to disappoint you when it can’t work for you. Please try the following steps then go ahead and purchase if it works:

  1. First, get an A4 piece of paper and cut a 7 by 7 cm hole on the paper.
  2. Ask someone who doesn’t have shaky hands to hold the paper vertically for you with both hands. Pick a pen and hold it inside the hole. Try positioning it at the center of the hole for 20 seconds,your hand should be close to the hole as possible.
  3. Do this as you observe the amplitude of your hand tremor.

If the pen stayed in the hole most of the time then that means you have passed the test. This means that the gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork is perfect for your condition. 


  • Removes humiliation and embarrassment in public.
  • Easy to clean
  • Good looking design
  • Easy to interchange and attach the spoon or fork.
  • Registers hand tremor habit  so as to increase stability.
  • Has a notification light to show the battery status
  • You can turn it to sleeping mode when not in use to save energy.


  • The spoon has a great depth which makes it not suitable for taking soup.
  • No wall charger, only a cable.
  • Very large handle

Learning how to use the Gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork

Being anxious or nervous can increase the rate of your tremors and make you unable to use the gyenno spoon in public. Before using it in public, practice using it by yourself privately until you feel composed and confident to use it where there are people. 

Pisces Healthcare Solutions advises that during the learning period, actively change the grip positions and adjust the angle of the spoon to find the best position to be used while eating. 

Take at least a week to adapt with this new style of eating before using it in social places. Don’t apply any force while holding this spoon, let the hand shake in its natural way and the gyenno spoon do its work. 

Cleaning and maintenance of the Gyenno bravo twist anti tremor spoon fork

Cleaning the device will only require you to remove the spoon or fork from the handle for washing. Remember to turn off the device before detaching. The handle should not be immersed in water but you can simply use antibacterial wipes as a way of cleaning. The spoon and fork can be cleaned with water just like normal utensils.

How do I Know that this device is charging?

The LED indication of red light shows that the battery is low or needs to be replaced. It takes 2.5 hours for it to be fully charged. After charging the device, long-press the power button for 3 seconds to start using the device.

Wrap up on Gyenno spoon for shaky hands

Though there are many anti tremor cutlery that you can use, the gyenno spoon for shaky hands has proved itself time and again to be the best buy that one could come up with.

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