Liftware Parkinson’s Spoon

Google finally stepped into the Parkinsons spoon market with their smart liftware spoons. Originally manufactured by Liftlabs, Google got interested in the technology and felt that they needed to step in and help market this smart spoon for people with Parkinson’s tremors.

The liftware spoon is said to help you eat with confidence without having to spill out your food making a mess of the dinner table or embarrassing yourself in a restaurant or infront of friends and family members. No, it reduces your tremors by 70% and since it is installed with motion sensors, it is able to sense the direction of your mouth so that the food will be taken to your mouth even after all the tremors.

lifeware parkinson's spoon

Features of the Liftware spoon starter kit

♠Fork attachment, spoon attachment and spork attachment

♠Travel porch so that you can carry it with you to a restaurant or picnic

♠Charger included

♠Handle with in built sensors and motors to counteract hand tremors.

FAQS about the liftware spoon

1.How does it work to control tremors?

The handle usually has motors and a small onboard computer. The onboard computer detects any unwanted hand tremors and directs the motors to counteract that movement so that food is moved in opposite direction of the tremor.

2. Who should use the liftware smart spoon?

The smart spoon should be used by people with mild to moderate tremors. If you have extreme tremors, the liftware might not be very effective for you.

3. Is it effective in controlling tremors?

The liftware spoon was tested in a group of people who had tremors and it was found that it reduced the tremors considerably making the people able to eat with ease.

What I loved about them

The liftware smart spoon considerably reduced the tremors of our Parkinsons patients therefore making them eat with ease

No need to bother the caregiver in feeding the patients since they were able to eat on their own

No embarrassment or messes with the Parkinson’s patients were seen after use of the liftware spoon

The patient felt much more independent that they did not have to be fed or spill food while eating. We saw a boost in their self esteem.