Handicap Toilet Aids

People who have gone through a back surgery, hip replacement or any other operation that might leave them handicapped will find that they are having great trouble going to the relieve themselves in the toilet. For one, they will not be able to bend that low and once they are done emptying their bowels, they find that they are unable to reach their bums to wipe.

So what can they do in such situations? In answering this question, we have come up with this webpage that delves to look at the different handicap toilet aids that these groups of people can use. Seniors at homes for the aged, hospice as well as those suffering from stroke and arthritis will find this information invaluable to them.

Common Handicap Toilet Aids To Make The Bathroom A Nice Place for Disabled

So without wasting time, let us look at our handicap toilet aids that can easily be bought online.

  1. Wiping aids for handicapped people

Handicapped people will find it hard to wipe their bums because they are not able to reach. So what do they do? Well, they have two choices; either invite a caregiver to do the business for you leaving you embarrassed or getting a lengthy device such as the freedom wand to do it yourself.

Devices such as the freedom wand, the bottom buddy and the juvo toilet aid have come to save so many people who were feeling embarrassed having to invite their family relatives to wipe their bums for them. Now, no one needs to feel embarrassed. The devices add extra length to your arm so that you reach easily. They all come with heads that hold onto the toilet paper or septic safe wet wipes and self-release buttons that let go off the soiled toilet paper.

  1. Toilet seat raisers for handicapped

When you are disabled or have just received a back surgery, bending to relieve yourself is the last thing that you want to hear. So you look for a solution that will make you not bend so much while relieving yourself.

Toilet seat raisers with attached arms have been found to be a great fit. What these toilet seat risers do is that they add a few very much needed inches to your toilet seat so that you do not have to bend so much. This way, your back is not going to hurt that much. They have arms so that as you are straddled on the toilet doing your business, your hands are outstretched holding onto the arm bars for extra support.