How to Assemble the Invacare Hospital Bed

How to Install a Hospital Invacare Bed

Setting up the invacare hospital bed whether manual or electrical is not rocket science. You surely do not need to hire a specialist to do it for you. You can follow this DIY guide that gives you a guide on how to set up all the components of the bed.

Head and foot-spring.

  • Place the head spring section to your left so the center mounting latches are on the right. Open the headspring to a 45° to 90° angle to support the foot-spring.
  • Place the foot-spring section sideways on your right with the head-spring pull tube at the top. Ensure the center mounting rivets are left.
  • Disconnect the head pole tube from side frame of the bed by extending the pull tube until the push button protrudes through the hole. Connect the pull tube to the left arm and head section. Secure it with cleavers and hitch pen.
  • Flip bed over and repeat.

Bed ends

  • Lay bed deck on the ground to assemble bed ends.
  • Lock the caster by pushing down the locking tab to avoid movement.
  • Grasp bed deck section; raise it to place the rivets into the corner locks. Tilt them away from deck and insert bottom rivet first.
  • Rotate it to upright position to attach the top rivet. Repeat.

Drive shafts

  • Press the spring button on inner shaft and insert into outer shaft engaging the spring button into the third hole.
  • Attach drive shaft to the gear box.
  • Push the spring loaded end of drive shaft and attach to the Hi/Lo motor output shaft. Ensure its spring-loaded coupler is aligned with the foot end gear box.

Bed Rails

The Invacare electric bed comes with its own set of bed rails which are very easy to install.

Lay out the bed rails on a flat surface.

Bring them to each side of the bed according to their labels and screw them into position.

Safety in your hospital bed can also be enhanced using bed bumpers as well as mattress extenders that prevent patient from bed entraption which could easily lead to death.

Installing casters

  • Lay bed ends on the side and insert the locking casters onto their sockets.

The bed is now ready for use.