Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers

Hiccapop Bed Bumpers: Best of all Bed Bumpers

hiccapop foam bed bumpers

The 2 pack hiccapop foam bed bumpers for kids as well as adults is my personal best when it comes to bed falls and entrapment prevention. The bumpers are water proof since they are covered with a water resistant cover that does not allow spills into the foam. Measuring 4.5” high, the bumper is high enough to prevent a toddler or even an adult from falling off the bed. They are easy to install and stick on the mattress so you need not worry that they will slip off.

The one downside that I found with all foam bed bumpers is that they could easily lead to suffocation. Picture this: a patient or your kid is asleep and they happen to have their noses pointing on the bumper for a long time. Eventually, they are going to lack air to breathe since their noses are going to be stuck on the foam bumper and this could be fatal. So if you know that your patient or toddler is likely to do this, you would rather be using bed rails rather than find yourself waking up every second to check that they have not pressed themselves on the bumper.

What I loved about the Hiccapop Foam bed Bumpers

  • High enough so that your patient or kid does not slip over the bumper and fall off the bed. It is a great fit even for people who have hyperactive toddlers who want to explore and climb out of the bed.
  • A great fit for toddlers who have just graduated from the cot and they do not want to feel encaged again but as a wise parent, you know that you need to protect them from bed falls which can be dangerous or even have long term effects on the kid
  • They are water proof and so you do not have to worry of them getting soaked even when the kid wets the bed.
  • The bumpers are a good pick for adult patients who are at the risk of entrapment were you to use bed rails.
  • They are a good pick for dementia patients whom you would not risk using metallic bed rails since they might bang their heads on the hard metal
  • The bottom of the bumper holds firmly on the mattress so no slipping out will be seen
  • They are very easy to install. You need no technician to help you set up and start using them

What I did not like about the hiccapop sleep bumpers

  • They could cause suffocation were the bed occupant to stick their noses for long on it during sleep.