75th Birthday Ideas for Seniors

Do you know how to officially refer to the 75th birthday? Right, it’s called a dodranscentennial. This milestone calls for a memorable celebration. However, the more our parents and loved ones grow old, the trickier it becomes to throw them a party they’ll love.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry, in our article we have discussed simple 75th birthday themes, cake designs, and ideal gifts for a 75-year-old. These ideas don’t have to be bank-breaking, but rather simple and fun for everyone. Ensure you set a budget and try working with it.

75th Birthday Ideas- 5 Great Themes

You can set up a birthday party for your 75-year-old mom, dad, grandma, granddad, or a loved one and show them how much they mean to you. Below are 5 great tips you can try.

1.    Organize a Game Night

Many times when people grow old, they tend to loosen their friendship with people and concentrate more on family friends. So, a birthday party is a perfect time to re-awaken friendships. Actually, it’s among the best gifts you seniors will love.

To do this you can call over their friends and socially engage them through a well-planned game night with their old friends and watch them revive the good old days.

2.    Family Dinner

Can you remember the last time you hosted a family dinner? If your mom is the birthday girl, help her out to plan the family dinner party. Definitely, it will be great having all your family members all under one roof to celebrate her birthday.

3.    Fulfill one of the Bucket List

75years is a perfect time to check things out of your bucket list. Consider that wish your parents have always wanted to do and plan it out. This is possible since they are still energetic for some physical activities, so long as it is not a risky health affair.

4.    A Trip to a Memorable Site

Turning 75 means your parents or loved ones have tons of memories. With either so many people, things, and places that hold significant meaning to them. Hence, you can choose their best and revive them.

5.    Plan a Fancy Dinner Date

Many seniors enjoy home meals while dinner dates become a thing of the past. You can help your mum, dad or grandparents plan a dinner date with their loves on their birthday.

75th Birthday Ideas- Cake Designs

The cake is always the centerpiece for any occasion, so for the 75th birthday party. Whether you are making the cakes at home or ordering custom-made cakes, we have highlighted some cake inspirations for you.

1.    Slot Machine Birthday Cake

An adorable slot machine cake is a perfect idea, especially when planning a birthday for a gambling lover. It will make sense and move the guests and the invites.

2.    Number 75 Cake

You can either bake this number cake at home using number cake tins or order custom-made cakes from your baker. To make it more attractive you can add birthday theme color, fun activities they love or add fruit or candy toppings.

3.    Bingo Cake

If your birthday celebrant is someone who likes Bingo, or you are planning to host Bingo themed party, this cake is really a great idea. It’s easy to make at home, but still, you can have it custom-made.

4.    Image Cake

Customize your cake by adding edible celebrant college photos or one of their favorite picture and create one of a kind masterpiece that will surely steal the show. You can get edible images either in standard-size sheet cakes, round cakes, or cupcakes.

5.    Photo Birthday Cake

This is one of the greatest ideas to show off your birthday celebrant’s memories. Use edible pictures on top to make it more amazing and real. However, on the sides, you can use non-edible photos just to add elegance with more photos.

75th Birthday Ideas- Gifts

It’s not easy getting the ideal 75th birthday gift since at this age many people already have what they want or need. However, you can still find a gift to make this celebration memorable. Check out our top 5 birthday idea gifts for seniors.

1.    Lifetime Memory Book

A hard book journal is a perfect way to keep precious lifetime memories. This book has a range of unique questions, ranging from simple life events questions to provoking personal reflections. However, the recipient will have a chance to capture their life in writing for future generations to come.

2.    Smart Digital Photo Frame

This easy-to-use motion photo frame is a perfect idea to help your seniors stay in touch with their loved ones. You can set up and control it through email or social medial apps. Also, family and friends can send photos from their computers and phones.

To make it useful immediately, you can pre-load photos so that they can start enjoying immediately.

3.    Personalized Loved Pillows

Everyone either man or woman turning 75 years deserves a chance to sit and relax. This loved pillow will do the work. You can also add his or her name with a personalized message to make them feel special.

4.    Walking Aid

In case your celebrant is experiencing a hard time moving around, rollators will increase their independence and boost their confidence moving around.

 Rollators are the best walking aid since they have many features like resting chairs, wheels, and bags to carry personal essentials compared to the others. Also, a rollator is a great idea for the 90th birthday.

5.    Toileting Aid

At this age many seniors have everything they need, so getting them something to make their life easy is a brilliant idea. A toilet aid will help them do toileting with ease and comfort.

However, they are useful for people with limited mobility, arthritic, recovering from surgery, or people with short hands. This help to reduce over-reliance on care givers.



Birthday celebrations are not for the young people only; seniors also deserve to be celebrated like young ones since they are young at heart. Moreover, there is so much you can do to pamper them on their big day.

From the above discussion, you now have 75th birthday theme ideas, birthday cakes theme plus gifts you can pamper your loved ones with. Make it enjoyable and memorable.