Safety Rail Guard for Beds and Bunk Beds 1006 by Palace Imports, Java, 14.75”H x 42.75”W, 2” x 2” Posts

A safety rail guard for beds and bunk is really important especially for people that have a hard time trying to sleep. If you are someone who sometimes fall out of bed and therefore have a hard time sleeping then rail guards are a great solution for you. This is mainly because rail guards provide you with this protection and prevent you from falling off your bed or even help you stand through their posts.

This safety rail guard for beds and bunk beds 1006 by Palace Imports, Java, serves the right purpose and provides you with the best protection when you sleep. It is suitable for adults and comes with excellent features that make it stand out from all the others.

Pros and Features of Safety Guard for Beds and Bunk Beds

  • It is solid wood 100% that is in large size, very strong and long enough which helps in providing protection as well as support to the user. It is also very easy to install and compatible with rails of 1 inch size or less to ¾ in thickness.
  • The overall size of the product is 14.75”H x 42.75”W x 2”D which is a good length to fit well with every kind of user.
  • Another great feature about this safety rail guard for beds and bunk beds 1006 by Palace Imports is that it comes in different colors. These colors include mahogany, honey pine, java, mocha, and white.
  • When it comes to compatibility of this product, it is just superb! The safety guard rail is compatible with a mattress that has a maximum height of 8 inches and works perfectly will all beds and bunk beds from Palace Imports.
  • It comes with high-quality wood pine which prevents it from any size distortion or splitting.
  • It is also doesn’t contain any Lead paint to comply with the Federal Hazardous Substances Act of the U.S. Therefore, this means that is actually very safe for use.
  • It also doesn’t have any harmful emissions because it doesn’t have any man-made materials.
  • The safety rail guard weighs 6 pounds which makes it very convenient to use and even carry around.
  • It also fits well with beds from other manufacturers.

Drawdowns of Safety Rail Guard for Beds and Bunk Beds

These are some of the disadvantages of this great safety rail by Palace Imports.

  • It needs to be assembled
  • The price might be too expensive to some people due to the shipping cost as it may vary.
  • One rail guard is used for only one side of the bed; if you need protection on both sides then you will have to buy two rail guards.

Bottom Line

Safety rail guards are a great option especially for the elderly who require a lot of support when it comes to sleeping and even when getting out of bed. It is therefore very essential to consider a safety rail guard for beds and bunk beds to provide the right aid.