Posey Elastic Mesh Side Rail Protectors: Safety from Zone 1 Bed Entrapment

Lets say that you have a patient who experiences seizures often and when they do happen, you might not be around.  If you get them, the normal metallic rails, they might injure themselves after a seizure or even get entrapped as they tremble and shake. So you need a padded side rail for seizure precautions and the Posey mesh rail will do the trick.

Posey Elastic Mesh Side Rail protectors

We have already mentioned that the Posey Elastic Mesh Side Rail protectors would prevent you from getting a zone 1 medical bed entrapment. In this post, we review the product that sells at amazon online stores. Other than this product, there is also the SkiL-Care Thru-View Vinyl Bed Rail Pad that would still serve the same purpose.

The Posey Elastic Mesh side rail protectors fits snugly on your side rails preventing any incidences of the resident getting caught by the head, neck or chest between the side rails. They have a strap that is fitted underneath the mattress while the other part is stretched to cover the side rails. The FDA reports that the space between the side rails is the number one entrapment zone that has been reported severally to cause serious injuries or even death.

Residents who are susceptible to this kind of entrapment include those who suffer from delirium, confusion, acute urinary problems, nightmares or agitation and find themselves restless on the bed and want to get out by hook or crook. In their efforts to get out of a bed with side rails without help or supervision, they may find themselves caught in between these spaces. With a Posey Elastic mesh side rail protector though, you need not worry about this risk.


Weighs 1.01 pounds.

The mesh stretches to 60” to 72”.

Fits snugly on the rails covering up the spaces between individual side rail bars as well as covering the space between split rails.

Machine washable.

The mesh prevents any cases of suffocation in case the resident moves to the end of the bed and gets stuck there.

Have nylon outer shell to prevent burn effect when the patient rubs their skin against them.


Fire retardant.



I loved them because they were a sure solution for zone 1 entrapment.

They are easy to clean and dry. Can be washed with a machine.

The meshwork allows for breathability even if the patient were to stick their head against it.

Easy to fit and remove.

Good precaution for patients who experience seizures.


Would protect the patient from injury if they were to strike the bed rails.

The elastic material pushes them back if they try to strike it. Fits on all types of beds since the mesh stretches to 60” to 72”.


Installing the posey side rail protectors

Make sure that the posey side rail protectors that were shipped to you are clean and undamaged. Do not use soiled or damaged products.

Keep all the casters locked to secure the bed in an immobile position.

Using cranks or pendant control, raise the head spring to a 45 degrees position.

Place the left and right rail protectors on the two edges of the mattress.

Position the connecting strap underneath the mattress and connect the two protectors.

Pull the protectors gently to cover up the side rails.


Removing the posey side rail protectors

You will need to remove the protectors when cleaning or when changing them after they get worn out.

  1. Hold the protector handles and lift each up before releasing to a relaxed position.
  2. Unstrap the connector below the mattress.