Kangaroo cup for Parkinson’s Patients

Touching story of the Kangaroo Cup Innovation

The first thing that attracted me towards the kangaroo drinking cup for disabled adults was the heart-touching story behind it. The inventor, Lily Born was seven years old when she noticed that her grandfather who was suffering from Parkinson’s had a great challenge drinking from normal cups. Due to the tremors, he would spill the drink all over leaving a great mess and her grandmother would have to clean after him. Touched by compassion, Lily came up with the ingenious idea of the kangaroo cup that has revolutionized how PD patients can enjoy their beverages without worrying about spilling it.  According to imagiroo, it also saw her travel worldwide as she continued on large scale production of the non spill cups.

Design of the kangaroo cup

The kangaroo cup is designed such that the surface of the cup does not have to touch the table because it is propelled by the three legs therefore the cup will not tip over even your hand trembles. There is the ceramic as well as the plastic model depending on what you want. When stacked together, the cups save so much on space so that you do not have to worry where to keep them.

What we loved about the kangaroo cup

For one the awesome innovative story about Lily Born inspired us at Hosiped to go right ahead and see what kind of cup a 9 year old girl could have cup up with. And honestly speaking, we were a little bit cynical thinking that the media was just heaping praise upon praise upon her. We therefore wanted to buy the cup and try it first hand with our Pd patients and see how effective it would be. And we were not disappointed. The cup is a great fit for people struggling with PD as well as essential tremors.

  • No tipping over. The legs of the cup stand firmly on the table and will not tip over even with the patients tremors
  • Even after drinking their beverage, there are no ugly rings of the liquid left on the table
  • Stacks nicely on the cupboard occupying little space
  • Durable and break resistant plastic material
  • You can drink from any surface be it a table, chair or mattress since the legs hold it nicely and stable.

kangaroo parkinson's cup

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