Best mattress for lower back pain sufferers in 2019

There is nothing like a perfect mattress for everyone. Why? Because we all have different needs and that is why we need to choose the best mattress that suits those needs. Patients having lower back pains need mattresses that are gentle on these sore parts. If you do not do your homework and get a mattress that makes this condition worse, you will find that you wake up feeling more tired and more sore than you were when going to bed.

In this review, we are going to go through the 10 best mattresses for lower back pain sufferers. All these mattresses have been tried by our Hosiped experts and proven to provide therapeutic value to those having chronic neck and back pain. When you sleep on this mattresses, you will wake up the next morning feeling rested and less painful.

The mattresses are good whether you are sleeping on a normal bed or hospital bed.

Guide on choosing mattress for back and neck pains

  1. Do not go for too firm or too soft mattresses

Most people suffering from back and neck pains think that a firm mattress would be the ideal thing for them. That however is wrong. Studies have shown that the best mattresses for pain are medium-firm since they offer better support.

Very firm mattresses have been found to exert pressure on the spine adding to the already seething lower back pain you are suffering from. Very soft mattresses on the other hand are too gentle that they do not offer any back support.

2. What type of sleeper are you

Back sleepers need a mildly firm mattress that offers support and is gentle on their spine

Stomach sleepers will need firm mattresses to offer support

Side sleepers on the other hand require soft mattresses to relieve pain on the shoulders and neck region.

3. Ergonomics

Before buying the mattress, you need to first know why you are having lower back or neck pains. It could be because of wrong ergonomics while working or straining your back doing a lot of bending. Once this is addressed, you can then get a therapeutic mattress to solve the issue.


Table on the best mattresses

Types of back and neck pains

Review of each mattress