How to use bottom buddy wiping aid for obese

Being obese does not mean that you have to struggle taking of yourself in the bathroom or being embarrassed about it.

Well, sometimes back that was the case.

But today with wiping aid tools such as the bottom buddy, plus sized people need not have to invite someone to help them wipe their private parts after a number two.

No, the bottom buddy is uniquely designed with the overweight person in mind.

One of the things that obese people struggle with is their hands seeming not to reach their bottom.

The bottom buddy tool addresses this.

Measuring 15 inches long, it gives you a hand extension so that you can reach your perineal area with ease.

With a firm grip on the tissue paper at the head, you can use it to wipe your bum clean after relieving yourself. So, here you will roll out enough tissue paper and then securely hold it on the tulip-like soft head.

You will then point the head towards your bum and gently wipe yourself.

The head is thin enough so as to get into your butt cheeks without hurting you.

Once you are satisfied that you have wiped really well, you can remove the tool from your butt region.

It  has a release button that you use to let go of the toilet paper once you are done.