Mybow bed guard rail review

The one bed guard rail for adults that really got me stoked is none other than the mybow guard rail owing to how sturdy and durable it is.

Other than that it is easily foldable so that the elderly patient does not have to keep shouting their voices hoarse as they try to call you out to come and help them get off a bed.

All they will need to do is press a conspicuous red button on the side of the railing and voila, they rail will flatten out so that they can easily walk out and on coming back, they will unfold the rail by a touch of the same button.

This was something great because I had this patient who always felt that they were a bother to the caregiver. He did not like the idea of nagging and calling out for help whenever he needed to accomplish a simple task.

The old man was a mechanic in his heydays before he got an accident and being the mechanic that he was, he was a handy guy who liked doing things on his own without any form of help. With other rails, we always found him trying to climb his way out which was really dangerous and he at one time fell while trying to get out of the bed on his own.

The mybow guard rail was therefore a relief to him. At last, here were people who cared about what he wanted in a safe bed.

Measuring 34 inches in length, the guard rail is able to cover a good portion of the patient’s bed assuring them of safety throughout the night. The rail is made of an alloy of aluminum and iron and is thus sturdy enough to last for a long time.

Installation instructions

  1. The guard rail will hold onto your bed by use of screws. You will therefore need to have either a plywood or some a wooden block lined through the bed frame so as to hold the screws.
  2. The screws are shipped with the rail and as such, all you will need is get some plywood and a screw driver to drill them in.
  3. The installation process needs not be hard since I was able to have it in under 5 minutes. You also do not have to call a technician since it is quite a simple process that anyone can do.
  4. My mattress measured 6 inches thick and as such was a right fit according to the instructions that mybow has on mattress thickness.

What I loved about the mybow guard rail

  • I loved the fold-ability aspect since this was relief to not only the elderly patient but also the caregiver who did not have to be summoned to help the patient out or to the bed.
  • The sturdy aluminium-iron alloy was durable and gave me value for my money
  • It was easy to install
  • It protected the patient from falls and made them feel secure

What I did not like about the mybow guard rail

  • You will require some plywood or wood to screw it into place.
  • With a mattress over 7 inches, you will have to get some 5 inch L accessories. If more than 11 inches, then the mybow guard rail will not be usable.

However mybow is not my best, I would go with the EZ adjust bed rail all the time. It is reviewed here.