Small Hospital bed for home use: Best Small Hospital beds in 2019

When you have a muscular dystrophy kid or short patient, the big medical beds might not be the best for them because of their size as well as storage space that the bed occupies. You want a small hospital bed for home use. In this article, we will be reviewing the top hospital beds for people with a small stature.

#1. Hill-Rom P1170C Hospital Beds

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The Hilrom full electric bed comes with easy controls that just snap in and out during installation. Without any bias, the Hil-rom hospital bed is the best medical bed that I have seen for long term care patients in terms of technological advancement, patient’s comfort and safety. Ideal for patients who find it hard to wake up and have to be confined within the bed, it has easy controls that any caregiver can use. It also ships with a side rail for added safety and patient’s sense of security


Very durable

Comes with side rails at no added cost.

Has a weight limit of 400lbs so good even for heavy people.


Highly priced

#2.Pragma Bed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame

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Patriot Full-Electric Bed With 1633-Innerspring Mattress And Clamp-On Half Rails, 1 EA

The Patriot full electric bed comes with an innerspring mattress and half rails at no added cost. It has a noiseless motor on the underground that is controlled by a handheld pendant control to adjust the head, foot positions as well as the height of the bed.


Comes with a mattress and rails at no extra cost

Full electric

Easy to install


For kids or adults who are likely to fall, you will need to buy the full rails

#3.LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base


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When I write about comfort in a hospital bed, the first name that clicks in my mind is the Lucid L300 adjustable bed that comes with USB slots for charging your gadgets, an ergonomic structure so that you will not strain and the most automatic adjustments for both the head and foot board.

The motor is noiseless such that it does not distort your sleep even when the bed is being adjusted.

For caregivers, the Lucid medical bed is an unanswered prayer since it can adjust by the mere touch of a remote control. Gone are the days when one had to use a pendant control or worse, a manual crank.


It can support a weight limit of 750lbs which means that it is great for all sizes, whether you are heavy or not. This weight limit also takes in consideration the mattress, pillows and all other accessories you will place on the bed.

Programmable remote control with a flash light

Reduces snoring because of the 10 to 30 degrees incline of the head

Fast install


You have to install side rails as it does not come with them.

#4.Classic Brands Twin XL Adjustable Comfort Bed Base



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With a massaging unit for those with backpains, the Classic Brands Twin XL adjustable comfort bed base comes with wireless remote control, USB ports for charging your devices as well four adjustable positions: a flat position, raised head position, zero gravity and foot raised position.


Easy to install and set up

Can be used with any type of mattress be it foam, air or innerspring

Whisper quiet motor as it adjusts your head and feet positions.

The zero gravity position relieves pain on your back


You will have to buy a mattress and rails as it does not come with them.

There were complaints on amazon that the bed parts were not durable and broke with time.

It was also said to be too heavy especially when one is assembling it.


#5.iDealBed Custom Comfort Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, USB Charge Ports, Nightlight, Zero Gravity, Memory Pre Sets, King

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The Idealbed custom comfort allows you to ergonomically have your head inclined at 70 degrees and the foot at 42 degrees.

It is fully electric and has an ultra quiet motor that adjusts the bed seamlessly to the most comfortable position that you want. It offers full body massage and therefore ideal for that patient with back pains.

Adjusting the bed is done through a wireless remote control and it also has 2 USB slots to charge your gadgets.


Adaptable with any type of mattress

Full electric



Some customers felt that it was highly priced.

Some customers found some missing parts and defects in their shipment so the company needs to up their game.

#6.Signature Sleep 6106469 Power Adjustable Bed Base, Queen, Gray

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The signature bed is another of those beds that would do well as a small hospital bed for home use. Made of sturdy material and affordably priced, the bed offers good sleeping ergonomics where the patient will wake up more relieved than they were when going to bed.

The Signature bed is also good for those with breathing problems and often find that they snore or wheeze for bad air flow into their lungs.

Recommended to use with any form of mattress, the bed frame is anti-skid and even have a mattress retainer to keep the mattress in position.


Made with sturdy, durable material

Comes with a wireless remote and is fully electric

Offers theraupetic value to patients with back pains


Would need to buy a mattress and rails.


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The serta adjustable bed comes fully adjustable with wireless remote control, zero gravity position and is easily installed.

The noiseless motor silently adjusts the bed without your having to wake up as it adjusts the bed.


Able to adjust to a zero gravity position for patient comfort and blood circulation

Sturdy material making it durable.

Fully electric


There was a complaint that a customer’s bed legs wobbled.

Guide on getting the best small hospital bed for home use

  • Full electric all the way

Try as much as possible to buy a fully electric bed because it will save you a lot of trouble adjusting the bed as well as making the patient feel somehow independent since they can still do this on their own with a wireless remote or pendant control

  • Movement sensors for elderly

Make sure to install a bed exit alarm as seniors with dementia are highly likely to wander away and fall from the bed as they try to move about unsupervised.

  • Side rails

Always have the best and safest side rails to prevent falls and hurt.

  • Pad the rails

Install some padded material on your rails for seizure precautions.

  • Lock bed casters

Always have the bed casters in a locked position unless you are moving the bed.

  • Dry floor

Always have the floor next to the bed dry since a patient could slip and fall while getting up from it if the floor is wet.