Drive Medical Multi Height Manual Hospital Bed with Half Rails & Innerspring Mattress

The CSA approved Drive medical multi height manual bed with half rails and innerspring mattress comes with half rails for added secuirty so that your senior patient can sleep soundly without the fear that they may fall in their sleep. The hand cranks are installed at the foot of the bed and can be easily folded away to allow passage and avoid getting hurt as you move along.

Though manual, the bed allows for an anatomically correct and comfy position through the foot and head adjustment. Therefore, the patient is able to sleep soundly and wake up to read a magazine or eat with their head raised and later on sleep with their feet up for good blood flow to their brains.

Before we upgraded to the manual beds, this is one of the hospitals we ordered for our charity centre. And it was cool. For one, our patients were able to lie in different positions amidst the crank adjustments. But the one thing that I liked most about it was the sheer weight that it could. You see there was this man suffering from obesity and he was really beefy. He needed a strong bed to support his weight. This drive medical manual bed did the trick since it could support a weight of upto 450lbs. With the zinc bed deck, it would also not break easily or even bend from pressure.

Our palliative care givers at the hospice were also happy since the bed was easy to clean up.

Drive Medical Multi Height Manual Hospital Bed with Half Rails & Innerspring Mattress

drive multi height manual bed


The bed measures 190.9 x 59.7 x 113.8 inches.

Has a manual crank at the foot of the bed for adjustment of the height, head and foot positions.

Can support a weight of up to 450lbs.

Comes with a set of half rails.

The bed can reach a minimum height of 16″  and  go to a maximum 24.5″


Since the bed comes with a set of half rails, you will be not have to meet an additional cost to buy the safety bed rails.

It has a zinc coated spring deck that will not bend or twist easily.

Its parts can be replaced with Invacare or Sunrise.

The bed is easy to clean and maintain.

The bed can go with an innerspring or foam mattress.

The bed supports a weight of upto 450lbs.

Comes with durable lockable casters for movement and locking when you have them in place.

I had a problem with the crank and when I phoned the customer care team at Drive, they were responsive and I had a replacement shipped at no extra cost.

Has a warranty just in case you get a faulty product.


Like all manual medical beds, you will have to adjust using the hand crank at the foot of the bed.

The assembly instructions were pathetic and I could not make head or tail of the same. Maybe, they put assembly instructions for the wrong bed. Luckily, there are youtube videos out there that you can use to see how to set the bed up.

Wrap Up on Drive Medical Multi Height Manual Hospital Bed with Half Rails & Innerspring Mattress

Having bought the Drive Medical Multi Height bed, I can assure you that it is a good deal especially when you are on a low budget or have a patient who can move to change the bed height as well as the head and foot positions. The team at Drive was also very helpful whenever I approached them with an issue.

However, you will need some safety bed rails for seniors so as to prevent entrapment.