Drive Medical Semi Electric Hospital Bed Mattress, Full Rails

Drive Medical Multi Height Manual Hospital Bed with Half Rails & Innerspring Mattress

Coming with a noiseless motor for head and foot adjustments, a manual crank for height adjustment, the drive medical semi electric hospital bed  is peek into two different worlds; the world where everything is manual and tedious, and the world where everything is automatic and seamless.

The drive medical semi-electric bed has a pendant which can be clipped on top of the bed rails so that the patient can easily reach out the control and adjust the bed as per their needs.

Say for example that you are away and the patient would love to watch the telly that is standing just in front of them on a low stool. With a manual bed, they wouldn’t be able to watch the telly comfortably no matter what. With a semi electric bed though, the adjustment is right under their nose and all they have to do is stretch a little bit and reach the pendant to change the bed positioning.

drive semi electric bed


Has a zinc coated spring deck which is durable and will not bend or crumble easily.

Has a noiseless motor to change head/foot positions. The height is adjusted manually with a crank.

Comes with a pendant control that has clips so as to hang on the rails easily.

CSA Approved

Measures 136.4 x 39 x 77.7 inches

Supports weight capacity of upto 450lbs

Bed adjusts from a 16″ to a 24.5″ height

Comes with an innerspring mattress at no extra cost

Has full rails shipped with it.


Full rails for patient safety

Comes with an innerspring comfy mattress

Supports a weight of upto 450lbs so ideal even for big guys.

Easy to set up

Awesome support team

Durable frame since it is made of steel plus zinc reinforcement.

Parts are replaceable with Invacare and Sunrise.

Patient feels independent


You still have to adjust the height

Crappy assembly manual

Frequently Asked Questions about the Drive Medical Semi Electric Bed

I need to remove the motor and store the bed in folded position. How do I do it?

It is not possible to remove the motor.

 I want to adjust the height of the head and footboards. How do I go about it without compromising patient safety?

Proceed as follows: raise or lower the head or foot board of your drive medical semi electric bed from the pendant control. If the distance between the bottom of the bed rail and the mattress is so big that the patient might get trapped, adjust the height of the rail.

What are the bed heights with and without casters

The bed measures 18.5″ and without the casters, it stands at 16″

What is the maximum capacity of the drive medical semi-electric bed?

The bed can support a maximum weight of 450lbs. However, this weight limit is inclusive of the patient on the bed, the mattress, sheets, blankets, rails, pillows and any other personal effects that might be on the bed. With such a weight capacity, it is possible for the bed to support a bulky person no matter how much the mattress weighs or their personal effects on the bed.