Reviewing the Milliard Bed Bumpers for Adults and Toddlers

Reviewing the Milliard Bed Bumper

milliard bed bumper with removable covers

The Milliard bed bumper can be used by adults who are at the risk of bed falls/entrapment as well as toddlers who have just moved away from the cot. These bed bumpers provide a sense of independence to the person lying on the bed while at the same time allowing the caregiver to have a good night of peaceful slumber without the fear that the bed occupant might fall off the bed or get entrapped.

The foam is soft but at the same time firm and holds securely on the mattress without slipping away. Its height is 4.5” which is high enough to prevent falls. The Milliard bumper is inflatable and so you can even use it during your travels since all you need to do is deflate it during transit and inflate it when you want to sleep.

The manufacturers of the Milliard bumpers have been careful to make sure that it is Phthalate & BPA free, has no odor. The covers are also removable and easy to clean so that you only use something that is free from filth or drool.

I bought the Milliard bumper for one of my patients who was getting seizures and since I feared that he might hurt himself when attacked by the seizures, I thought it not wise to use metallic bedside rails. You can find other bed bumpers for toddlers and adults here.

What I loved about the Milliard bed bumper

  • Easy to carry since it is deflatable so great for when you are travelling around.
  • Soft but at the same time firm. This is what I was looking to use for this seizure patient
  • Phthalate &BPA free.
  • Easy to clean covers
  • The bumpers were effective in preventing bed falls as well as medical bed entrapment.
  • They did not have any offensive plastic odors
  • The bumpers came two for each side so I did not have to make any extra purchase.

What I did not like about the Bumpers

  • Unlike bed rails, the milliard bed bumpers take upto 14 inches of your bed width so the bed became thinner.