Top 5 Bed Bumpers for adults-To Provide Added Safety and Prevent Bed Entrapment

milliard bed bumper with removable covers

Milliard Adult Bed Bumper

Cushiony soft yet firm to prevent falls
Non slip bottom
Two pack comes for each side of bed
Can be used by adults as well as kids
Prevents entrapment
Removable covers for easy clean

hiccapop foam bed bumpers

Hiccapop 2 pack Bed Bumper

Provides safety to your adult patient
Waterproof and easy to clean
4.5" high so you are assured of no entrapment or patient crossing over

sharebear bed bumpers

Sharebear 2 pack Bumpers

Soft but firm to keep adult in bed
52 inches long and 7 inches wide

Keeping your Adult Patients Safe from Bed Falls and Entrapment using Bed Bumpers

Bed bumpers have for long been used by parents who have toddlers and would like to give their children the sense of independence without being caged in a bed rail system and at the same time protect them from falls. They can however be used by adults too who want to avoid entrapment.


The bumper is made with soft foam material that creates a rift between the edge of the bed and where the child is sleeping. Invented by the Stanford University team, the bumper uses the principle of passive safety where the child would naturally move away from the bumper when they touch it in their sleep having sent a trigger to the brain that danger is looming by. Other than these bumpers for toddlers, there are also bed bumpers for adults which we talk about in this post.

When done right, they can also be incorporated into the hospital bed to add safety for adults and at the same time prevent entrapment caused when the resident moves between the edge of the mattress and under the rail system. So the bed bumper is not for kids alone but can add safety to the home care beds of seniors.


bed bumpers for adults


#1. The [2-Pack] hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers Toddler Bed Rails with Water-resistant Cover for Kids – Safety Side Pillow Pads

Ideal for:



  1. Kids who have outgrown the bed cot and the parents do not want their kids to feel as though they are caged in a rail system bed.
  2. Seniors who are at the risk of getting entrapped between the under rail supports and the edge of the mattress.
  3. Patients suffering from dementia or agitation and are likely to hurt themselves as they hit the metallic rails on the sides.



♠52” long, 7’’ wide, and 4.5’’ high.

♠Water proof

♠Easily Washable cover

If you are a parent buying this bumpers for your kids, they will feel free sleeping in a non-caged bed system. At the same time, you will have prevented them from falls. Prevents the patient from entrapment between the under rail system and the edge of the mattress. Soft foam material that cushions the bed occupant from hurting themselves against the side rails. I loved the hiccapop bed bumpers  for their steep height. With a height reaching 4.5″ you are assured that your patient will not climb it and get entrapped on the side rail. This also makes it super good for parents with active kids who might want to climb out of the bed and fall. The bed bumpers are easy to install. All you need is put it beneath the sheet and you can as well forget it.



Reduces the width of the bed. Measuring 7″ wide means that the patient will find that they have less turning space.

Could lead to suffocation if the patient presses themselves on the bumper face first and stays that way without anybody moving them away to get some breathing space.


#2. Milliard Bed Bumper {2 Pack} Foam Safety Rail Guard with Non-Slip Hypoallergenic Water Resistant and Washable Cover; Bed Rail for Toddlers, Kids, Adults and seniors


The milliard bed bumper is great for that kid transitioning from sleep in a caged cot to a bigger bed free of rails. It is also ideal for seniors receiving home care and you fear that their sleeping in a bed with side rails could cause entrapment.



♠Measures 52 x 7 x 4.5 inches

♠Phthalate & BPA Free.

♠Good for travel as it inflates and deflates fast.

Non-slip bottom so you need not worry of having the bumper kicked out by the bed occupant Easy to wash and dry Lightweight and ideal for travel No plastic smells.



Take up a huge bed space for your senior


#3. Sharebear 2 Soft Foam Bed Bumpers For Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Adults, Bedrails That Stay Put – Bed Bumper Keeps Your Child Safe And Secure


Using the same principle as the hiccapop, the sharebear bed bumpers comes in twos to be fitted in the two sides of the mattress. They prevent baby falls in case you are buying them for your kid and would also do for preventing entrapment of the adults on the side rails.



♠Measures 52 x 7.6 x 7.5 inches

♠Water resistant

♠Have a non-slip silicone bottom so that they will stick to the bed and not move away.

The kid would feel good that they are not in a caged system again after the baby cot. The parent would also feel good that their child is protected from falls. Have a good steep height. For the adult patient, the Sharebear bed bumpers prevent from getting entrapped between the under rail support system and edge of the mattress. Easy to clean up Easy to install. Soft but firm so that the bed occupant does not roll over them or push them away in their sleep. Bed bumpers provide a sense of security. As one goes to bed, they do not fear falling or getting entrapped. With this feeling of security, they are able to get a good night sleep.



Reduces the bed width

Could lead to suffocation if patient sleeps facing them and pushes themselves towards it.


#4. Big Sky Traders SINGLE Toddler and Child Crib to Bed Foam Safety Guard Rail Bumper with Compression Travel Bag and Anti-Slip Water-Resistant Cover for Adult/Senior/Elderly Security in Full-King Beds


Another one from Big sky traders, this bed bumper can be used by both toddlers as well as adults receiving home care.



♠Measures  52 x 7 x 4.5 inches

♠Removable water resistant cover

♠Comes with a compression bag incase you want to travel with it.

♠Non-slip bottom.

♠Firm to keep the bed occupant within the two bumpers.

Comes with an easy to remove water resistant cover for ease in cleaning up without wetting the foam.



Helps prevent bed entrapment and toddler falls.


#5. Shrunks Inflatable Kids Bed Rails. Safety Side Bumpers for Toddlers or Adult Beds Great for Travel. Have your Children Sleep Safe and Comfortable.


Made to replace the traditional rail system for kids beds, the Shrunks Inflatable bed bumper can also be used for adult patients and seniors who might fall from their beds or get entrapped between the edge of the mattress and the gap under the rail system.



♠Has an inflated size of 48 inches long, 7 inches wide and  height of 4 inches.

♠Comes with a compact foot pump, a travelling bag to carry the deflated bumper

♠Contains grip strips underneath that secure the bumper firmly on the bed without movement.

Anyone who has come across this bumper would definitely commend it as a genius idea. The innovators must have thought alot in coming with the design. Easy to carry since it can be deflated and therefore ideal even when you are travelling. Easy to inflate using the foot pump. In 30 seconds, you will be done. BPA, phthalate and lead free so you do not have to worry that you are exposing your kid to these hazardous elements. Vinyl top cover that is easy to clean



Would require repair once it starts leaking from the seams. Otherwise it is a ticking time-bomb and would cause an accident anytime when you least expect when you wake up to find your kid on the ground wailing after a fall or your elderly entrapped under the rail system.

Has a plastic smell when you buy it and you would have to wait for it to dissipate before one can use it.


Wrap up

After buying your best hospital bed for home use and going through our list of hospital bed mattress reviews and picking the best, you are not done yet. You still need to think about the safety of your patient. You do not want them to fall and at the same time, you do not want them to get entraped. So a bed bumper for seniors is a much needed buy that you need to really budget for. Other than getting that great invacare 5301ivc hospital bed model, mind about the patient dying or getting injured as they are trapped by the bed.