Best Walkers for Seniors in 2021

As your senior patient is gradually regaining mobility, they will need the best walkers for seniors which helps them with balance as well as prevent them from falls. A walker is way better than a clutch or cane since it is able to support them more. Some walkers also have seats so that the senior can seat on them when they are tired.

Others have wheels and are called rollators while others have bags so that you can shop or even carry some snacks and water while on a long walk.

While shopping for the best walker, there are some considerations that you need to make such as the terrain of the walking floor, the needs of the senior as well as the weight of the walker.

In this post, we are going to look at the 10 best walkers for seniors on amazon and advice you accordingly on the one that you should buy.

Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker, Silver

The drive medical 10200-1 folding walker is the best bang for your bucks if you are running on a strict budget.

The standard walker is the most basic type that can be used indoors. It is lightweight and has four non-wheeled legs.

The senior patient will lift the walker and place it infront and use it as support to move their legs.

It can support a weight of upto 350lbs and therefore ideal even for heavy people.


Weigh 6lbs

Measures 15.5″ in length 22″ in width and 32″ height

The height can adjust to 39″

The width inside the back legs is 19″ while the hand grip measure 17″


Sturdy and durable


Has an adjustable height.

Easy to fold with the two push buttons at the top.

Fits easily through narrow spaces


Does not support wheels

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Hugo Portable Rollator Walker with Seat, Backrest and 8 Inch Wheels, Blue

The hugo portable rollator with a seat has to be the best of the best walkers for the elderly that I have ever seen. With a backrest seat for the elderly to sit on after a long walk and they need a rest, it is the most comfortable rollator that you could buy for your senior

It is height adjustable and foldable so that you can fold it up and carry in you car when travelling.

It can support a weight capacity of 300 lbs and therefore ideal even for the big guys.


Weighs 15.4lbs

Measures 27.0″ x 24.5″ x 32.0″


Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Even on rough grassy surfaces

Ergonomic and have adjustable height

Can be used for weights upto 300lbs

Has a seat for the senior to rest on when tired.

Easy to fold up


Quite heavy

Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat, 6″ Wheels, Red

The Drive medical aluminium rollator comes with a seat and a zipped pouch where you can keep your things. The rollator has brakes to stop it and supports a weight of upto 300lbs.


Measures 24.6 x 7.2 x 30.7 inches

Height can adjust to 37 inches

Zipped pouch and seat

The 6″ casters can cruise both outdoors and indoors though it is best suited for indoors


Zipped pouch offers storage and privacy of the elderly

Can adjust height offering good ergonomics


There were complaints that the rollator doesn’t do so well outdoors on rough terrain