Invacare Manual Bed

A popular manufacturing company, invacare manual 5301ivc beds are long lasting, pass the FDA rules and are safe to use. This manual bed would be ideal for a rehabilitative patient who has gone through an orthopedic surgery and after coming back home, is asked to do simple exercises by their physiotherapist so that they can recover fully. I would not recommend any manual bed to patients who are immobile or to muscular dystrophy kids.

Why? It would call for the caregiver to constantly be around the patient so that they can adjust the bed. And if there is one thing that I have noted about invalids in my long career as a physiotherapist, it is that they hate feeling that they are a bother to you. It would therefore not be strange to find a patient falling from the bed as they struggle to adjust the cranks yet you were just a call away.

With a patient who is on the path to recuperation though, it is a best fit.



Comfy to use and the patient feels really loved

Easy to install Durable steel Easy to clean up and maintain

Durable casters that do not leave mark on floor or make noise while moving.

Invacare manual bed comes with a 5 year warranty.



Manual adjustment of height, head and foot sections.


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What is the best mattress or the Invacare manual bed?

There is a wide range of mattresses that you can choose from for your Invacare manual bed.

  1. The foam mattress

The foam mattress is waterproof, comfortable and offers theraupetic value to the patient.

It is also lighter as compared to other hospital bed mattresses and therefore easy to carry.

The cover on it is durable, anti-bacterial and anti-static to improve on the comfort of the bed.

  1. Innerspring mattress

The innerspring mattress is made with durable vinyl cover that is waterproof, acid resistant and anti-bacterial.

Innerspring mattresses are designed with high quality fiber padding to increase on the bed comfort for the patient.


Wrap up on the Invacare 5301ivc Manual bed

The invacare bed is a good deal especially if you are on a low budget or have a patient who is not so much limited in mobility. With such a bed, you are sure that your patient will feel loved and comfy.

Buy it with a good, soft, comfortable mattress and you will have a happy patient.