Safety Bed Rails for Seniors: The Top 5 Worth Reviewing in 2018

The adult patients and the invalids need some comfort and safety. As a volunteer physiotherapist at a hospice, it is my obligation and primary concern to ensure that they feel secure and accommodative. In that case, most elderly adults spend their time in the hospital bed for considerably longer hours due to their state of health. Unfortunately, bedroom safety and comfortability are always overlooked and this kind of negligence is a risky venture for the seniors and the bedridden invalids. Therefore, safety bed rails for seniors offer the ultimate solution to the problem.

A study published on the journal Age and Ageing showed that rails offer safety to patients and make them less anxious during their sleep. The FDA has reported of deaths caused by falls and therefore calls for safety bed rails that will not on the other hand cause death by entrapment

safety bed rails for seniors

Bed rails for adults are recommended for the purpose of safety and act as barriers to prevent patients from accidentally rolling or falling out of their beds. When well designed, they prevent bed entrapment. In addition, they serve as aids to those elderly adults who might have difficulties in mobility as well as getting in and out of bed.

Tips to use when buying safety bed rails for seniors

While bed rails might offer safety and security to your patient, they might also be health hazards because of bed entrapment which has been said to the number one health hazards in hospital beds. So, what should you consider before buying the safety rails.

  1. Can the patient survive without the rails

For patients who are on low risk and can take themselves to the toilet without assistance, climb up the bed without your help, rarely get nightmares or hardly rolls off the bed, then you can consider not buying the rails altogether. Instead, get them some soft bedside mats so that incase they fall, they will not do so on hard ground but the soft bedside mat.

2. Does the patient suffer from seizures

Seniors who experience seizures should get padded rails that will protect them from hurt whenever they get their seizures. Metallic rails would only antagonize their safety.

Furthermore, safety bed rails for seniors come in different designs and forms. We have the following categories that are ideal for home care:

  • Stander adjust pivoting assist handle,
  • Able life bedside extend rail,
  • Vaunn medical assistance handles seniors,
  • Adjustable height bed assist rail,
  • Medline storage adjustable assistance.

Stander Adjust Pivoting Assist Handle

The Stander Adjustable Pivoting Assist Handle is unique in its design and purpose. Most significantly, it is ideal for preventing patients from falling out of bed and on the other hand, acts as a handrail that supports the invalid to get out of bed.

Moreover, it is adjustable in length hence its use as both a preventive and supporting bed rail. In order to prevent falls, this type of bed rail adjusts 26”-34”-42” after its installation. On one hand, the rail folds downside the bed to enable the patient to come out of the bed safely and also gives space for making the bed. With the inclusion of the safety strap, stander-adjust-pivoting-assist-handle attaches to either home or adjustable beds with ease and can be placed on either side of the beds. With the weight capacity of 300lbs, the rail fits on 12”-18” mattress heights and it is easy to assemble.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable

Able Life Bedside Extend A Rail Adjustable Adult Home Safety Bed Rail

Unlike the Stander Adjust Pivoting Assist Handle, the Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail has the support handle purposely for easy standing. The two-in-one handrail extending from 20”-30”is designed to prevent the patient from falling at night. Another unique feature is the reversible safety rail that enables the product to be fitted on either sides of the bed. Its weight is 300lbs and it has a safety strap as well. Furthermore, this is the perfect bed rail for you if you are the kind of person that rolls out of bed during the sleeping time.

However, this kind of bed rail has its share of problems. To begin with, the user is susceptible to entrapment of the head, chest and the neck if precautionary measures are not put into practice. Also, it is only eligible for shipment outside the United States to a few selected countries.

What we didn’t like about it

  • May cause bed entrapment

Vaunn Medical Assistance Handle Seniors

The product, however, is applicable to those who keep on falling from their bed at night. Besides, it offers support for those with difficulties in getting out of their beds. Just like the other two bed rails, this product can be installed in a variety of beds. It has the ability to extend three inches under the mattress and it is supported with the help of non-slip sleeves, making it stable and firm.

The adjustable height is an added advantage such that it meets the needs of almost any type of home bed. Another important feature is that it is easily installed and fits in large suitcase which makes it portable. It also supports the weight capacity of up to 300lbs. On the flip side, the product is not entirely effective in its design to ensure that the patient is confined to the bed.

Adjustable Height Bed Assist Rail

As the name suggests, the bed rail is easily adjusted to the suitable height to fit all types of beds. The unique aspect of its three bars or handles enables the user to get up/down with ease. Unlike other types of the bed rails, the Adjustable Height Bed Assist Rail does not require assembly tools and it is easy to install. Also, it is an ideal safety bed rail for seniors due to the nature of its safety and the design.

In fact, it has a free bonus bed frame fitted with a tie-down strap for safety and comfortability. The negative side of this product is not different from the rest, if not used with utmost care; it can cause entrapment of the most important parts of the body.

Medline Storage Adjustable Assistance Bar

Are you having trouble getting out of bed? The ultimate solution to your problem is the Medline Storage Adjustable Assistance Bar. This type of bed rail is suitable for your needs because it is sturdy and strong, thanks to the material (steel) it is made of. Its installation is hassle-free; in a matter of minutes, the product is set up without assistance from any tool. Regardless of your bed size and type, the product fits most of the heights and it boasts of an ergonomic feature, which is 13” by 9” nylon pocket.

The inclusion of a simple push button adjustment allows you to slide your legs to give a custom fit. For stability, the bed rail comes with safety straps used for wrapping around the mattress. Other additional features that you will find helpful are the presence of adjustable legs with grip bars and mesh pockets for storage of personal items such as books, pens and mobile handsets.

You are likely going to appreciate the use of this product, primarily if you are recovering from back pains or other related complications and it is a sure remedy for stability, confidence and peaceful mind. However, the product has disadvantages; it does not hold firmly on the mattress. Another negative aspect of the product is that the adjustable height is not low enough to fit a lower height mattress.


Therefore, having exhausted all the necessary information regarding bed rails for adults and the safety concern necessary for home caregivers, you can make a wise choice of the appropriate products to use. Safety bed rails for seniors in particular, are highly recommended.