Drive Medical Full Electric Ultra Light Plus Hospital Bed, Brown, 36″ Review

Drive medical full electric

My second best electric bed has to be the drive medical full electric ultra light plus hospital bed, brown, 36″. It comes with a 9 volt battery such that even when the power goes off, you can still adjust the head and foot for nine times before the battery dies.

Once the battery dies after the nine times use of adjusting the head and foot sections, you can reset it or buy another Phillips battery from Amazon.

Ideal for that patient who is limited in mobility, the drive medical full electric bed comes with an easy to use pendant control that a patient just needs to touch and have their bed height, head and foot sections adjusted as per their likes.

The bed which is primarily made of easy to clean, durable steel also has a light-weight zinc coated bed deck.

The motor is easy to install and noiseless. You can actually install it even when the patient is lying on the bed.

The bed comes with a set of half rails but you will have to buy a mattress so that it can be complete for use

Drive medical full electric


The bed measures 88.5 x 35.8 x 35.8 inches

Can support a weight of upto 450lbs

The bed comes with a set of half rails

9 volt battery incase of power loss to turn head and foot nine times

The bed has a maximum height 24″ with casters installed


The bed was really light-weight as compared to Drive medical’s semi-electric bed. Weighing 169lbs was good since we could easily carry it and take it to the patient room.

Comes with a set of half rails without an additional cost.

Installation of the bed is easy.

Fully electric. There is no turning of cranks or anything unless the power goes out and you do not have a backup solution.

Has a 9 volts battery so that even when power goes out, you can still adjust the bed for an extra 9 times. That is a great invention from the Drive medical team if you ask me.


Unlike the Invacare which comes with a set of half rails and a mattress, you have to dig deep into your pockets to buy a mattress.

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Wrap Up

That patient whom you are taking care of at home wants to feel loved and cared for. They also yearn for a sense of independence. If asked, the patient would want to cook their meals, to watch telly when they want, to go to bed when they want, to read novels on their own, to bathe on their own and to take themselves to the washroom. However, they can’t and this makes them feel dependent on you.

With the drive medical full electric bed that comes with a pendant control, you give them some feeling of independence. Yes, though they will still need you to take them to the washroom, the bed at least allows them to sleep in the position they feel fit for them.

Here is a bed that they can adjust its height to watch TV without having to call you all the time. Here is a bed that they can raise their feet or head without having to yell for help.